About Us

We are an official DVC club that is actively working to bridge the gap for people of color in STEM.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage people of color to participate in STEM majors, and to instill them with the neccessary confidence to succeed in this field.

Our Vission

We envision a STEM community consisting of successful women and men of color, setting the prime example and becoming future role models, for the future generations.

Our Objectives

  • Instill Confidence
  • Exposure to Opportunity
  • Establish Awareness
  • Provide Resources

Some Statistics

Did you know that only 11% of the STEM workforce are African/African American men and women, and only 16% are Latinx and Hispanic...

Of those people of color in STEM majors, less than 45% of the African/African American and less than 50% of Latinx college students follow through with getting their degrees. And only 52% of those graduates are currently active in the STEM workforce.

Our Team

Adeola Morren


Karin Pal

Vice President

Tijan Zein

Marketing Directorr

Carly Gordon

PR Director

Yuvia Mendoza


Nicole Silva


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